Melton Botanic Garden

For our 5th March field trip, Elspeth (@cygnet) led us on a walk around the Melton Botanic Garden. For some members it was their first visit to the garden, while others were impressed by the growth and spread of the garden since their previous visits. The volunteers have done fantastic work developing this asset for Melton.

We saw many birds and insects, although not all were able to be captured photographically. One member chased what was probably a dainty swallowtail butterfly across several garden beds without success. We saw a cuckoo wasp investigating a gabion basket full of rocks, but it disappeared between the rocks before anyone could photograph it.

Species that were captured on camera included four different lerp-forming species (Genus Glycaspis, Cardiaspina, Spondyliaspis and Eucalyptolyma).

You can see all the observations from the day here.

Thank you to Elspeth for planning and organising another interesting field trip.

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