Lake Goldsmith and Stockyard Hill

Twelve intrepid members braved rain, hail, and even sunshine, to explore the Lake Goldsmith wildlife reserve and Black Lake in the crater of the volcano Stockyard Hill on 6th May, 2023. Fortunately Lake Goldsmith has been closed for duck hunting due to the presence of blue-winged shovelers, so we were safe from being shot at.

Thanks to Margaret, Andy and Neville for leading us, and providing information about the geology and history of the area. Special thanks to Neville for arranging use of the hall at Lake Goldsmith, which gave us somewhere to eat our lunch safe from the hail storm!

Interesting observations included Sheree's damselfly nymph, which was out of the water so probably about to emerge as an adult:
One of our number saw a small mammal which may have been a bandicoot or antechinus, but sadly did not get a photo of it.

Click to see all our observations made on the day.

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