Looking into Lal Lal

On 6th August, Andy @alexmyco assisted by Graeme @graemelunt led members on a field trip highlighting historical, geological, and natural aspects of Lal Lal. The mines, the blast furnace, and the history of the rail and race tracks were all explored.

Lal Lal's top temperature was 9.8C, proving, as certain residents have said, that it is colder there than in Ballarat (which reached 11.2C on the day) but we were well rugged up for the adventure. Along the way observations were recorded of one spider, a few fungi, some interesting birds, many plants, and a mob of kangaroos. The day concluded with a visit to the critically endangered Australian anchor plants near the Lal Lal falls.

You can see all the observations made during the field trip by clicking here.

Thanks to both our leaders for arranging such an informative day!

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