Frogs at Mullawallah Wetland

Our October field trip was held on the evening of Saturday 7th. We started with a talk by Ray Draper on the various frogs found in the Ballarat region, including photos and recordings of their calls. We then proceeded to the wetland to see what species of frogs we could identify.

Some people used the Australian Museum's FrogID app ( to record frog calls, and a few iNaturalist observations of birds, plants and insects were made as well.

We have a project for observations at the wetlands, which you may be interested in joining:
FNCB - Mullawallah Wetland.
This project collects all observations made there, by anyone. There are currently 407 observations of 123 different species in the project. Five species of frog have been observed.

Here is a link to all observations made during our field trip: No frogs though!

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