August 21, 2023 (from Carla Grier)

Summary of visits on 8/15 and 8/21/2023 in the area of bench #2; plant observations
These are the findings on the water side of the berm around bench #2:

Smooth brome, extensive amount
Prickly lettuce, 20-30 plants
Western snowberry, extensive amount mainly to the left of the bench
Hound's tongue, two plants on the right side of the bench
Field bindweed, both sides of the bench
Possibly a Sisymbrium sp., either false London-rocket or tall tumblemustard
Unidentified tall grass (over 6' including flower stalk) with large black seeds, right side of bench
On the north side of the berm these plants were noted:

1.Smooth brome, extensive amount

Bindweed, scattered amongst the grasses

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