interesting observations of Phyllostachys outside Europe

I set the boundaries of this project to Europe and north Africa because I thought it would be too much differences in climate to include other areas and my personal and subjective work area is Europe. So I wanted to deal only with observations made in Europe and not in all the world, where other species, not interesting for the framework I set up.

But it might be very usefull to have a look at rest of the world observations of species which are presents in Europe.

So here is a list of such observations, sorted by species (don't hesitate to suggest observations not yet included here) :

P. aurea

sprouting culms

Florida, Oregon

adult culms

P. aureosulcata

sprouting culms

Delaware, New York 1, New York 2, New York 3,

adult culms

P. bissetii

P. edulis (= P. pubescens)

sprouting culms

Hunan 1, Hunan 2, Kanagawa prefecture 1, Kanagawa prefecture 2, Taïwan 1, Taïwan 2, Jiangsu

adult culms


P. flexuosa

P. makinoi

sprouting culms


adult culms

P. nigra


P. nigra var. nigra

P. nigra var. henonis

sprouting culms


adult culms

P. reticulata (= P. bambusoides)

P. sulphurea

P. sulphurea var. viridis (= P. viridis)

P. viridiglaucescens

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