Best seller Phyllostachys in France

I did a quick search on internet for "acheter bambou" (buy bamboo, in french). I browsed 13 websites, from which 3 (in France) famous gardening groups, 5 specialized bamboo nurseries, 1 online plant-specialized big seller and other 4 shops or plant nurseries from the first results of the search .

I systematically noted the species and cultivars sold on these sites. Plants sold under cultivar mention where always counted extra (summed up) for their respective species.

Here is the result, sorted by number of occurrences (number of seller from the 13 investigated) and alphabetic order (the top 10 species are highlighted in bold characters) :

P. nigra 13
P. aureosulcata 12
P. aureosulcata ‘Spectabilis’ 11
P. aurea 10
P. aureosulcata ‘Aureocaulis’ 10
P. bissetii 10
P. "humilis" 8
P. nigra ‘Boryana’ 7
P. nigra ‘Henonis’ 7
P. aurea ‘Koi’ 6
P. bambusoides 6
P. flexuosa 6
P. nuda 6
P. vivax 6
P. aurea ‘Flavescens inversa’ 5
P. vivax ‘Aureocaulis’ 5
P. atrovaginata 4
P. bambusoides ‘Castillonis inversa’ 4
P. bambusoides ‘Castillonis’ 4
P. bambusoides ‘Holochrysa’ 4
P. nidularia 4
P. rubromarginata 4
P. sp. ‘Tip Top’ 4
P. viridiglaucescens 4
P. viridis 4
P. angusta 3
P. aurea ‘Holochrysa’ 3
P. edulis (= P. pubescens) 3
P. iridescens 3
P. viridis ‘Sulfurea’ 3
P. acuta 2
P. aurea ‘Albovariegata’ 2
P. heteroclada 2
P. mannii (= P. decora) 2
P. nigra ‘Megurochiku’ 2
P. parvifolia 2
P. violascens 2
P. vivax ‘Huangwenzhu’ 2
P. arcana 1
P. arcana ‘Luteosulcata’ 1
P. aureosulcata ‘Alata’ 1
P. aureosulcata ‘Argus’ 1
P. aureosulcata ‘Harbin inversa’ 1
P. bambusoides ‘Lacrima deae’ 1
P. bambusoides ‘Marliacea’ 1
P. bambusoides ‘Mixta’ 1
P. bambusoides ‘Tanakae’ 1
P. circumpilis 1
P. dulcis 1
P. edulis ‘Anjiensis’ 1
P. edulis ‘Bicolor’ 1
P. edulis ‘Kikko’ 1
P. edulis ‘Tao kiang’ 1
P. glabrata 1
P. glauca 1
P. glauca ‘Variabilis’ 1
P. glauca ‘Yunzhou’ 1
P. iridescens ‘Heterochroma’ 1
P. nigra ‘Kiyoshi’ 1
P. nigra ‘NBG 2011’ 1
P. nuda ‘Localis’ 1
P. praecox 1
P. prominens 1
P. propinqua 1
P. stimulosa 1
P. virela 1
P. vivax ‘Shanghai 3’ 1

These represent 32 species and 35 named cultivars or varieties (67 "taxa"), from which 23 species and 28 cultivars are sold by less than 1/3 of the investigated sellers (i.e. : only by 4 sellers or less).

Some remarks : While P. nigra was sold as "P. nigra" (without cultivar mention) by all sellers, it's not true from P. aureosulcata who was mostly sold as 'Spectabilis' or 'Aureocaulis' but really few times (1 or 2) without cultivar mention.
While all species keyed in Flora Gallica are represented in this list, P. viridiglaucescens, P. viridis and P. violascens are sold by less than a 1/3 of the investigated sellers.

Nota bene : the #5 best seller phyllostachys "species", called P. humilis, isn't acknowledged by most scientific institutions : it's not found at IPNI (International Plant Name Index), neither on POWO (Plants of the World Online), nor on the World Flora Online (ex Kew Plant List). It's not on iNaturalist ! Not in the Flora of China ... it seems only gardening sellers use this name. I could only find it at the EPPO (European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization) : but even a search on the Japanese Wikipedia don't give any result !

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