Macrocoma aureovillosa (Marshall 1865)

A metallic green hairy leaf beetle.

Original description in:
Marshall, T. A. 1865. Eumolpidarum Species novae. The Journal of Entomology. 2
Translated from Latin:
Cylindrical, elongated, bright green, metallic. Elytra posteriorly densly golden hairy, 2nd-6th antennal articles rufous-pitch, sometimes rufous. Legs green, hairy.

The whole body strongly punctate, especially in front; the interstices of the puncture rows are finely needle-like streaked. Labrum smooth, bright; red eyes. The first article of the antennae is green, metallic, the 2nd-6th rufous-pitch, above in part metallic, sometimes the whole red; black club.
The thorax is cylindrical, not longer than it is broad, narrowed anteriorly, the angles suddenly bent, inconspicuous above, the sides slightly rounded in the middle, at the elytral base narrower.
Elytra more than twice as long as thorax, parallel, apex scarcely narrowed, rounded on the back and behind everywhere, cylindrical. Legs and the whole body both above and below with long, pale golden hairs. The apical pilosity of the elytra is much denser, apically arranged as if striate. On the thorax and the disc of the elytra some of the hairs are longer than the others, and are blackened. Femora slightly thickened.

Type locality: 'Natal'

iNat observation:

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