Species Of The Week Number 52: Everything Else!

We've now reached the end of our year-long Meanwood Valley Bioblitz so a huge thank you to everyone who took part. 58 of you made an amazing 2313 observations of 880 different species! Particular shout-out to Will, Natalie, Nikhil and Katy who made over 100 observations each.

Of those 880 species 551 were then authenticated online by expert ecologists from all around the world. The un-authenticated ones were mostly those where the photos uploaded don't allow them to be clearly distinguished from other closely related species. Many moths, for instance, can only be conclusively separated by dissecting their genitalia, and no-one wants that do they?

Coincidentally our final list included exactly the same number of Insects as Plants (320 of each) alongside Fungi (101), Birds (50), Arachnids (32), Mammals (16), Amphibians (3) and Protozoa (3). There were also various 'others' which mostly included species of worms, centipedes and woodlice. I bet the true number is at least double that by the way.

Over the next few months, thanks to funding from local Councillors and the National Lottery, we are going to look at all the data and produce a big outdoor exhibition, including - we hope - displays on the front wall of Meanwood Recycling Centre.

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Sadly, I have only just discovered this project as it appears to be finishing. I live on Monk Bridge Road and run a moth trap in my garden and, occasionally, in my daughter's garden on Hartley Avenue. I am also currently putting together a list of tree and shrub species in The Hollies (currently standing at 274). I would be very interested in meeting up with other people living locally with an interest in wildlife, particularly moths or trees.
David Owen

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