Bioblitz - next steps

Hi everyone

The Meanwood Valley Bioblitz year is over, thanks for all your help - I hope you enjoyed it!

I have a favour to ask as I am hoping you are happy to make a minor change to your settings on iNaturalist so your data can be used more widely.

As part of the grant we received for the project we said we would share all the data we collected with the West Yorkshire Ecology Service (WYES).

However the default ‘Creative Commons’ licence on most of our records is set as ‘CC BY-NN’, and it doesn’t allow WYES to access them. This is because WYES, whilst being a public sector organisation, uses the data for some ‘commercial’ purposes (specifically it charges building developers for the data it holds).

So it would be brilliant if you could spend a few seconds changing the licence for your observations. Importantly this change won’t affect the licensing of your actual photos, just the observations/data you have provided.

The easiest way to make the change is to log into iNaturalistUK website and

  • Click your ‘profile’ tab
  • Click on ‘Edit account settings and profiles’
  • Click on ‘content and display’
  • Scroll down to the licensing section and change the ‘default observation licence’ to ‘CCO’ and check the box marked ‘Update existing observations with new license choices’
  • Save your changes

More info is here:

Also, if you are not already on our list would you mind sending your email address to

Best wishes and thanks again for taking part


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