From Spooky to Spectacular: Unveiling the Truth About Halloween Creatures

As we approach the spookiest time of the year, it's time to set aside the Halloween myths and discover the fascinating truth about some of Canada's most misunderstood creatures: Bats, Spiders, and Ravens. These animals have unfairly earned a spooky reputation, but they play essential roles in Canadian ecosystems.

Bats: Guardians of the Night
Bats, often associated with vampires, are silent protectors of our ecosystems. With 19 species in Canada, they help control insect populations, reducing the need for harmful pesticides. By sharing your bat observations on iNaturalist, you can support bat conservation efforts. Interest in learning more about Bat conservation efforts in Canada? check out out CWF’s research project.

Spiders: Nature's Pest Controllers
Spiders are the unsung heroes of natural pest control, preying on insects that harm our crops and gardens. They also play crucial roles as web architects and indicators of environmental health. By documenting your spider sightings on iNaturalist you can help contribute to conservation efforts. Check out this paper on the first reliable mention of Pholcus opilionoides in Quebec and eastern Canada was published from iNaturalist observations.

Ravens: Wise Watchers of the Wilderness
Ravens are not omens of doom but rather vital members of our wildlife community. They clean up carrion, preventing disease spread, and act as ecosystem engineers. By sharing your raven observations, you contribute to their protection and our understanding of their behavior. Researchers in North Carolina used iNaturalist to assess the effectiveness of mitigation for bird window collisions.

To mark this spooky season, we are challenging all Observation Nation members. To spend some time outdoors on October 31st and try to spot as many different Halloween themed animals as you can. Upload the images to iNaturalist as all entries will be eligible to win a CWF backpack full of great resources. One winner will be chosen via random draw from everyone who submitted a Halloween themed animal observation.

This Halloween let's celebrate these misunderstood creatures for their ecological importance. Together, we can transform fear into fascination and ensure a healthier environment for all.

Happy Halloween!

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