When will the Lexington newts start migrating this season?

Michael Thomas Hobbs says the most important environmental factor that triggers breeding migrations for the related Santa Cruz Long-toed Salamander (A. m. croceum), is rainfall:
"With the first winter rains in November and December adults migrate en mass from their upland habitat to ponds for breeding (Reed, 1978). Breeding cannot commence until ponds fill and as such, adults do not emerge until the ground has saturated. Records show that when seasonal rainfall exceeds 10.7 cm (4.2”) adults are triggered to begin migrating, with continued rainfall needed to sustain the migration (Anderson, 1966)." pp 14-15

Peter Claggett offers more insight into newt migrations in his paper:
Migration Patterns of Taricha torosa in Tilden Regional Park

Hobbs' thesis and Claggett's paper are very apropos to our project and make very interesting reading.

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Thanks, Anne!

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