Pacific Newt Roadkill: 56 old carcasses; 1 live one seen

April 10, 2019 (Wednesday)

(Merav's survey results) Good news - they are gone! Only found old dead ones today. I did the Soda Spring area for an hour, counted a few dozen dry ones, no fresh ones. Also saw a live one in the little pool by Limekiln trail head.


Other roadkill: 2 Western Toads

Coverage: (~21%) Soda Springs Canyon area.

Rainfall: no rain in 4 days

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Thanks, Anne. I was glad I managed to find time to upload these, but didn't write the post.
I counted 8 cars and 3 bikes.
Weather was great, no rain.

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@merav, I copied the text for this journal entry from the email you sent me so that all the info is in one place and because I know how very busy you are. I think you're amazing! I'm awed by all that you accomplish. I truly appreciate you making the time in your hectic schedule to help with this gruesome project. Hopefully all the remaining newts are now safe in their spring/summer homes.

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I hope so too! I might go back there in a few weeks, just to make sure they are all gone

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