May Update

Our Rare plant walk at Indian Battle Park was a great success. Thank you to everyone who joined! We found a number of plants including Golden Bean, Plains Prickly Pear, Snowberry, Fireweed, and Cleavers. Congratulations again to the winners of our draw prizes. We gave out two packets of Sweet Grass, a packet of Showy Milkweed, and a pack of our First Edition Plants of Alberta Playing Cards (photo featured below)! We will be giving out seeds, including a set of playing cards at every walk (shown below), so if you are interested in learning about plant identification, as well as getting the opportunity to enter for fun prizes, come to our next plant walk at Naapi’s Garden (registration opens soon).

Visit are some photos from the event, including one of Cleavers (or bedstraw) growing around an old old bedspring.

Some things I learned on the walk: how to differentiate between Wood’s Rose, Plains Rose, and Prickly Rose. Wood’s rose is the smallest, and grows very close to the ground. Plains rose often has more than 7 pinnate leaflets to a stalk, and Prickly rose never has more than 7 pinnate leaflets to a stalk and has very prickly stems. Cool. The coulees in Indian Battle Park are slowly eroding, exposing items from the past, including old traditional tools.

Hope to see you June 1st!


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