Tips for rearing leaf-miners and gallers

Brilliant help provided by @ceiseman on his blog:

These tips are for northern climes, so you will need to adjust some things for our southern conditions. Probably best not to put them in the fridge, for example. Also, in the winter-rainfall area especially, many insects emerge in winter, so you'll need to keep an eye on them.

I have found humidity in rearing containers in the western drylands to be a festival of mould and death. But humidity is definitely required for at least some beasties in the east.

You will need to experiment obviously, and Charley's blog is an excellent base to work from.

Happy rearing :-)

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Thank you! His fridge makes me feel a lot better about my lack of control of the collecting impulse...

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I know that @kimberlietx would love to learn more about raising these too! :)

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Charley had sent me the same info. I'm so appreciative that he is accessible to us and shares his experiences!! I've got a list a mile long of things to collect and rear when I see them again. I also have had trouble getting the humidity right on rearing all sorts of things, but I shall persevere!

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