The Big SIT! October 14 at Pescadero State Beach and Marsh

Dear Members of the San Mateo County Bio-Blitz project -

This Saturday, October 14, is the annual Sequoia Fun(d)-raiser, the Big SIT! at Pescadero. There will be a team of bird-watchers atop the hill here all day...and many of us (like @gyrrlfalcon , @dpom , and @leslie_flint ) are also iNaturalist addicts.

SAS 8th Annual Big Sit! and Big Ride
Sunday, October 14th, 8am - Pescadero State Beach & Marsh
The Big SIT! at Pescadero State Beach and Marsh, atop the hill overlooking the North Pond, accessed using the bridge that Sequoia helped to fund. Officially the day begins at 8:00 am – contact Jennifer Rycenga for more information for early bird birders! We go until at least 5:00, sometimes 6:00 pm. Bring layers, snacks, and a fun attitude. If you've got a scope, bring that, too. The Big SIT! is an annual celebration now for Sequoia Audubon, the birding equivalent of tail-gating, as we search for as many species as we can see from a 17.5 foot diameter circle. We've seen, on average, over 85 species each year we've done this – and created memories, found migrants, and had a wonderful time!

To make a donation, follow this web link -

Hope to see a lot of you there!

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Sounds like fun !? I pledge $0.20 per species - ha. (Send me an invoice - just kidding.). I’ll gladly donate. Wish I could make it. Next year!

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Thanks JJ!

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