Let the Beetle Blitz begin!

Today is the first day of the Backyard Lady Beetle Blitz! Join VCE's Kent McFarland and Emily Anderson at 12pm for the official kick-off. They will explain why we need a better understanding of Vermont’s lady beetle populations and how citizen scientists can help. For information on joining the webinar, visit the event announcement: https://bit.ly/3cp2KB6.

Can’t make it to the kick-off but still want to participate? No worries! All you need to do is find as many lady beetles as you can in your backyard and upload photos of them to the Vermont Lady Beetle Atlas on iNaturalist. Participating is as easy as search, photograph, and upload! You can learn more about the Backyard Lady Beetle Blitz on the VAL website: https://bit.ly/2Ld4bXm.

The official Backyard Lady Beetle Blitz runs from May 15th (today) until May 18th, however you can keep searching far beyond the end date. Visit the Vermont Lady Beetle Atlas to learn how you can participate in our summer surveys: https://bit.ly/2WAk6Wk.

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Do the “lady bugs” that have infiltrated my house upstairs count? I’m thinking they are invasive and not part of this study? Thanks, Betsy Bahrenburg

Publicado por betsy7 hace alrededor de 4 años

They are most likely Asian Lady Beetles, which are an invasive species, however you are still welcome to photograph and add them.

Publicado por emilyanderson2 hace alrededor de 4 años

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