Vermont Atlas of Life iNaturalist Project Celebrated 10th Anniversary in 2023 by Surpassing 1 Million Records

In 2023 thousands of iNaturalists added over 200,000 biodiversity records to the rapidly growing database of life in Vermont, helping us surpass 1 million records during our 10-year anniversary. Read about all the amazing discoveries and more at the Vermont Atlas of Life blog -

Publicado el enero 10, 2024 09:36 TARDE por kpmcfarland kpmcfarland


Excellent!! Kudos to you Kent for all your hard work, getting us all involved and all the encouragement.

Publicado por joannerusso hace 4 meses

Thank you to you @joannerusso and all you iNatters out there for all you have done to make such a great Vermont database! What a neat community we have here now! We even got a shoutout by iNat in this month's blog post review!

Publicado por kpmcfarland hace 4 meses

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