Identifications needed! :)

Some great observations coming in for this NPSOT bioblitz! That's great!

Some of these observations could also use some guidance on the ID's. Or, you could add in any comments on observations -- welcoming folks to iNat, or providing some hints on how to get the important angles for identifications. Everything is helpful!

Here are the shortcut links:
Observations still needing ID's or verification:

Observations that need IDs but may also have verifications:

You can also filter these results by county -- so if you just wanted to ID plants from Bexar County, here you go:
Or maybe Travis County:
Or Dallas County!

If you want to learn a little more about the details of how ID's work on iNat, here is that info:

Anything helps! :)

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Trying to get Collin County data for this project. Can't figure out the number for Collin County. Wanting to add an update in our Collin County NPSOT newsletter about our observations in this BioBlitz. I know we didn't have many. Trying to raise awareness of iNat within our chapter.


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