Observation period ended -- time for uploads and ID's, ID's, ID's! :)

Incredible success!

Take a look at these numbers so far:
Around 15k observations of around 1900 species from almost 2000 observers! Wonderful! You still have time to upload observations made during last week though. And of course, we still need some ID's or verifications, if you're able to.

Compare with last years:
12k observations of 1600 species from around 1700 observers.

Stay tuned for some more reports of the success of this project!

Great job, all!

Publicado el octubre 26, 2020 03:20 TARDE por sambiology sambiology


Is there a deadline for getting ID's added?

Publicado por apcorboy hace más de 3 años

Hey @apcorboy , not really -- although, I'm currently working on a little report, so hopefully stuff can get ID'ed sooner before later. :)

Publicado por sambiology hace más de 3 años

Think we can get to 2,000 species?

Publicado por lappelbaum hace más de 3 años

My BioBlitz results: I did not personally have as many observations this year compared to 2019. Blaming it on the lack of rain... depressing looking at desiccated plants (and laziness). Seemed to be missing a lot of blooms normally seen at this time of year.
Made a few more ID's and have so far reviewed (glanced at) every observation (15,682 at the moment) in the project. Played iNat police and marked a good number as "cultivated/not wild".

My greatest accomplishment is the amount I learned from this project. Made some mistakes... hope all corrected... but great learning experiences. The amount of diversity in TX plants is mind-boggling.

Thank you for your leadership in this project. And thank you especially for the cheerleading.

BTW, I have shared your presentation on the NPSOT BioBlitz from the NPSOT conference with my TMN chapter with the comment that "Everyone in the world who is on iNat should be required to watch this video."

Thanks for all you do, ljc

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Finally added my last obs. I got a little sidetracked doing IDs for others and didn't finish uploading my pics from the 24th earlier. I focused on getting photos of plants others might not since I knew I couldn't tackle a large number of obs. I ended up with 31 obs. Hoping to soon turn that into 31 species. Still working on IDs. I was hoping to get out in my canoe during the week. Didn't work out but I still managed to get some photos from the bank and dock.

Publicado por lappelbaum hace más de 3 años

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