Anne Parsons

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Nature is so full of wonder, joy, and sometimes sorrow. My pictures are my treasures and they hold memories of adventures out in nature. I also love looking at the treasures of other naturalists and seeing what they find interesting.

I have degrees in biology, engineering technology, and anthropology plus certification in bioinformatics. I worked as a software engineering professional in biotech for 41 years. Now that I'm retired, I'm spending more time doing what I truly love - studying and exploring the wonders of nature.

I adopted the name "truthseqr" when working at Celera Diagnostics on the ViroSeq software project. The purpose of this software is to detect mutations in the HIV genome and suggest appropriate drug treatments accordingly. We tested the software by comparing its results to a database of "truth sequences" which were "gold standard" gene sequences verified by scientists. So, it seemed that "truthseqr" was an appropriate moniker to use with the iNaturalist database as well. I'm comparing my observations with those of scientists and other professionals to get at the truth of it all. This is so much fun!

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