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26 de abril de 2018

Del Rio Bioblitz trip

A few weeks ago was the big bioblitz in Del Rio, Texas which I was fortunate enough to go to, as well as being able to spend some time in Austin and San Antonio before and after the trip. It was great to get out, be on the road, and explore a new ecosystem I haven't really seen. It was a little early for peak dragonfly diversity but I saw lots of cool stuff and some interesting odonate parasitism by dipterans which I had not yet seen in person.

As these things can be sometimes, better than seeing whatever was out there, it was fun to see so many different people from all over and hang out and explore together. One trip, in a way facilitated by iNaturalist though otherwise unrelated, was a brief excursion @tadamcochran and I took to Mexico one night after a group dinner. I wrote about it on my blog here, if you would like to check it out.

Thanks to everybody who made the trip out to Del Rio and special thanks to @sambiology for doing the organization/logistics for these things. I look forward to doing more soon.

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