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04 de febrero de 2014

Geo-171-2014 Homework #2

Today I went for a walk out towards the Berkeley Marina, expecting to find a variety of wildlife that I do not usually encounter in my day-to-day life. Unfortunately, the area that I wandered off into didn't have much going on except rocks, water, and sand fleas (which are very difficult to try to get to hold still for a quality picture). The trip was by no means a waste however since I found one of the most amazing panoramic views of the bay that I have every seen, as well as a few members from the tree of life- fungi, plants, and birds to be specific.
My first observation was a lone mushroom sitting by itself in a pile of twigs. I have no idea what type of mushroom it could possibly be and was hoping to get a couple guesses from the community. The next thing I photographed was one of my favorite things on Earth, the Ice Plant. I grew up visiting the ocean often and Ice Plants have never been far away. On my way back from the ocean I stopped by the Berkeley Aquatic Park and came across a gargle of geese. That's right, a gargle. They seemed to be looking for food on their migration back up North, and upon realizing that the Aquatic Park didn't have much to offer them they promptly returned to their voyage. The End.

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13 de febrero de 2014

Phenology Exercise

I found Dandelions that were flowering, Poison Oak that was leafed out, some sort of dormant flower(weed?), and what looked like a bush growing out of an old Oak Tree's stump (which I now think might have been a new tree). I don't think that the Oak counts as bare, but I didn't find anything to fit the bare description so it's the best I could do. A few days later I found a dandelion that was not flowering and a branch of Ivy that had not yet grown leaves.

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Tree of Life Excercise

Jerusalem Cricket-insect
Poison Oak-plant

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