INat Happy Hour - Eugene, OR

Hi all,

I’ll be in Eugene this week. Perfect for hosting a iNat Happy Hour this Friday 5/17 from 5:30-7:30 at

Oakshire Brewing Public House
207 Madison Street Eugene, Oregon 97402

Tagging the most recently active users for the Eugene area with at least 100 observations. Please feel free to tag people you think would be interested in the comments.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

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Have fun!

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Wow, great list! I also tag:
@dwirtala @cosmopterix @veltkamp @heatherdawson @beccadaugherty2 @butterfliesoforegon @rosawoodsii @ribes2018 @lohump @jamesgrasstoucher @sarahaceae @augustjackson @oregonnaturalist13 @vespidmacro @bradmoon @night-owl-naturals
Either we have met in person, exchanged IDs on iNat, or you have interesting Lane County observations!

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To Cat and all: this is a great weekend in Eugene because the Mount Pisgah Wildflower Show is Sunday. Ticket and iNat Florablitz info here: (Please don't post photos of display plants on iNat. Instead, go find them in the wild!)

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That sounds lovely. Thanks for the recommendation!

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