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13 de abril de 2021

Update on the Horse Crab adventure

In my previous journal I wrote about my search for the Horse Crab (Atelecyclus undecimdentatus) and how it was suddenly spotted relatively a lot along our coastline. I went to have a look myself and found some. After that day, more observations were done by various people on other places so I was really curious to find out more about this. After a deeper dive into the observations and literature I think I found out some interesting stuff (more on that later)!

I went to the beach in the past two weeks as often as I could to find more of these guys, and I was lucky! I collected a specimen for the Naturalis Biodiversity Center (the first of this species found in our country) and some for my own collection. I learned a lot these past days about these crabs and about strandings/documenting these finds.

The coming days I will gather my thoughts and literature I found on comparable cases and put everything into writing. The crabs associated with this journal are the finds from past two weeks. To be continued!

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