bless their little hearts

Hermit crabs adapting to the new now:

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The ecosystem of the future (or present). Yikes!!!

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It's scary how much plastic we're burying ourselves in. I recall one of the playas in a Lubbock city park: the margin soil was at least half plastic particles/beads due to all the neighborhood trash that washed in. This was by design -- the city reclaims storm runoff this way. But it would most certainly impact the density of arthropods and other creatures residing in that soil. Hence also the animals that feed on them.

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Publicado por ellen5 hace 5 meses

Hi Ellen
Did you live in San Francisco in 1953? I have a black and white photo of a kitchen closeup signed and dated with a SF address on the back by Ellen Hildebrandt. If this could be yours, please contact me at
Best regards,
Berkeley CA

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