26 de enero de 2024

bless their little hearts

Hermit crabs adapting to the new now:

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21 de noviembre de 2023

tiptoeing towards the exit

If you've known me awhile, you might have noticed my usage drop precipitously. Well, it's this here. I have only so many years of good health left, and I want to use them running around a lot and not sitting in front of a computer. My eyesight has always been crappy, and screentime makes it worse. So for those two reasons, I'm continuing down the Path of Unplugged Enlightenment.
That said, arthropods and plants still excite me, and I'll continue to post, but casually. On my terms.

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02 de febrero de 2023


"Naturalists were the original biologists, and hunters and trappers were the original naturalists. No one knew more about a species -- the wheres, whens, and whys of its movements through the land and the seasons, its relationships with prey and rivals and mates -- than a person whose livelihood depended on that knowledge."
--Mary Roach, in Fuzz: When Nature Breaks the Law, 2021

A book about wildlife policy -- interesting and entertaining

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05 de noviembre de 2022

06 de junio de 2021

2021 TTL Nature photography prizes

These photos are so good, I feel like I should put my camera away out of respect.

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20 de febrero de 2021

18 de febrero de 2021

25 de septiembre de 2020

rat wins gold medal for his work

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24 de julio de 2020

paintings made by animals: you can have one!

The Albuquerque zoo is raising funds for supplies by selling animal paintings. Here's the gallery/shop:

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27 de junio de 2020

note to self: come back to these carpet moths

I suspect that several moths in our area were misidentified as of A. neomexicana. Project for a winter day.

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