18 de octubre de 2022

Walk around the Reservoir

Today I walked around the Reservoir for thirty minutes. It was very sunny out, and the temperature was very warm. There was also a nice cool breeze. I saw many different plants, and I took pictures of the four different types. I quickly found moss and flowering plants, and also gymnosperms. However, it took me more time to find a seedless vascular plant, but I eventually found a fern. It was interesting to observe all the different plants around me. My favorite part was seeing the flowering plants around the reservoir. Additionally, there were also animals out - there were ducks and swans in the water, and birds flying around above us. Overall, I saw many different species from different branches of the tree of life.

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06 de octubre de 2022

Cabot Woods Walk

Today, I took a walk in the Cabot Woods on Newton Campus for thirty minutes. The weather was slightly rainy, but the temperature wasn't too warm. It was very dark, but I still managed to take some clear pictures. The trail was muddy, and there were a lot of leaves. There were a lot of various trees and bushes. Additionally, I found some fungi (including lichens) on tree trunks off the trail. There was a lot of biodiversity - it was interesting to see the different organisms I could see around the forest. There were many different eukaryotes to identify during the walk. This connects back to the biodiversity of ecosystems that we have been learning about in class.

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29 de septiembre de 2022

Houghton Garden Nature Walk

Today I walked around Houghton Garden for 30 minutes. The weather was warm but breezy, and it was very sunny. While walking around, there were many trees, and some were labeled with what species they are. There was a lot of greenery around the path, including various flowering plants. The trail followed a little pond or stream which was very beautiful. There was even a bridge that I could cross the water on. I was also excited to see some animals, like chipmunks, squirrels, and a bee sitting on a flower. It was interesting to observe all the different species in just one area, and it helped me notice the biodiversity around me.

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