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Rapala damona - A new butterfly record for Singapore

The presence of Rapala damona in Singapore has been confirmed by Dr Seow photos showing the upper side of the species from Jonathan Soong.

This species has been mis-id as Rapala suffusa and R. dieneces in the past due to the similarity of the underside of the 3 species.

Examining earlier records of Rapala suffusa and dieneces in iNaturalist revealed R. damona was in fact recorded on May 3 2017 by members of NSS Butterfly and Insect Group

Fleming stated that R. domano underside is a deeper darker, ochreous brown than either dieneces or suffusa.

Dr Seow has provided the keys to id the 3 species based on the underside :

R. damona Un. deeper ochreous (appear orangey brown); . orange crown often marked by a faint dark line. FW band ALWAYS distinctly curved/bent.

R. suuffusa ;Light ochreous to deep chrome yellow; orange crown diffuse; FW band strongly bent.

R. dieneces; Light ochreous to brownish ;orange crown diffuse, the defining dark line often absent ;FW band usually straight. may be slightly curved.

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Perlis State Park - 13-18 Dec 2017

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