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10 de abril de 2024

Sunday Afternoon at La Platte River Marsh

Johanna Hamilton
Shelburne VT- la platte river marsh
4/7/2024 1:30 PM
Weather- partly cloudy 45 degrees

On Sunday we took a walk around La Platte river marsh and sat at Shelburne Bay to observe the water birds. We started sitting at the docks and observed some common goldeneyes. There was a group of about five who swam away from us when we sat on the dock. The water levels were very high possibly from the snow melt. After a bit we crossed the road to go into the trail and look for more species.
It was very muddy and took a lot of effort to walk through the trails without getting dirty. The bird activity was very low for a nice day. However I think a lot of them were hanging out up high in the treetops where it was sunny. A couple of black capped chickadees checked us out from afar, and we noticed a Canada goose out in the marsh. My bird ID app identified Song Sparrows and an American Goldfinch. After some time spent not hearing or seeing much activity we headed out. An American Robin was sitting on a low branch and puffed up a lot until we passed.

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21 de abril de 2024

Early Spring in the Graveyard

Johanna Hamilton
4/21/24 10-11 AM
weather: 45 degrees and partly cloudy, low wind
habitat: urban park-cemetery
This morning I spent some time in the cemetery by my house in the Old North End. it was nice weather and not too windy. There are a few different old trees lining the cemetery between the houses. I observed a white breasted nuthatch making a nest in one of the tree cavities. This is a good location because it is protected and high up. This is different than other birds which may nest on the ground or on a branch. The bird may use some grass or twigs from around the cemetery to build. Also our neighbors on Germain St have plenty of good material in their yards for nests. As far as soft material for nests the birds could use fur they find maybe from pets. Therefore she won't have to go far to build. I also observed an American Robin walking around calling in a territorial fashion. I dont know if this is the best territory because it is very open but I imagine the ground is good for worms. I attached photos of both these birds.
I heard several other birds vocalizations while out: dark eyed junco, house sparrow, American goldfinch, Black-capped chickadee, and American crow.

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30 de abril de 2024

Monday Midday on the Backyard Green

Johanna Hamilton
4/29/24, 12:30-1:30 PM
Weather: slightly cloudy, 50 degrees, low wind
Habitat: suburban back yard

Today I sat in my backyard for a bit after class while I ate lunch. It was pleasant weather for a sweatshirt, but I felt a storm or rain could be coming. My backyard borders the backyards from the street over, as well as my neighbors. This makes for a pretty nice open area to watch birds. All of my neighbors have feeders in their yard, and it is a quieter area of Burlington. I observed a Blue Jay defending one of the feeders from afar. I watched an American Goldfinch fly from one tree to another, after listening to it sing for a bit. I observed a Ring-Bill Gull flying overheard and calling. There wasn't much visual bird activity, but I heard many birds and used my Merlin Bird ID app to identify them. I identified American Robin, Carolina wren, House Sparrow, Northern Cardinal, White-Breasted Nuthatch, and Eastern Towhee by using their sounds. There was an orange dot next to the Eastern Towhee identification, which means it is uncommon!

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