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08 de septiembre de 2022

Gall Week DC Outing on Saturday Sept 10 2022

Creating this to coordinate and track for a DC area Gall Week outing on Saturday Sept 10 2022.

Location: Kutner Park/Katherine Johnson Middle School, Fairfax City, VA
Date: Sept 10, 2022
Time: 10am ET

Since there may be kids soccer games on the soccer fields it is probably best if we plan to meet in the adjacent middle school parking lot. So to that end we will meet here:

Katherine Johnson Middle School Fairfax VA main parking lot
38°51'32.6"N 77°19'39.7"W

The original thread was started here

Possible Locations That I Know Of (depends on how many folks we get and how accessible the location needs to be)

  • Kutner Park - Fairfax City - this is my local gall haunt and has the densest Oak Gall diversity of anywhere I have ever been and (thanks to selection bias :) ) is a world-wide gall hot spot. It is a small ~15 acre park that is easy to access and walk around in
  • Sully Woodlands (Western Fairfax County) - this is another excellent spot but it it is harder to access (further out and not as accessible, need to be able and comfortable with navigating long grass and non-paved slopes). A potential bonus with this one is that if some or all of the attendees are interested in a much larger and more diverse habitat there is a lot more here.

I am open to anywhere that has appropriate habitat and do love to explore new places. I tend to spend a lot of time in the same core areas so do not have much experience outside of central and western Fairfax County.

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