Anaphe & Parapluda - moths I get confused by (A)

A series that is for myself and anyone else who has to look these things up everytime they have to ID them ;-D

The Anaphes (Notodontidae: Thaemetopiinae) and Parapluda invitabilis (Limacodidae)

Photo credits: Anaphe reticulata @faruk_w | Anaphe panda @paolocandotti | Parapluda invitabilis male @moira_fitzpatrick | female @suncana

Thank you very much to the photographers!
Publicado el marzo 4, 2024 01:41 TARDE por karoopixie karoopixie


Lovely visual, thank you!

Publicado por suncana hace 3 meses

You're very welcome :-)

Publicado por faruk_w hace 3 meses

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