Calliodes, Cometaster, Erebus, Cyligramma - moths I get confused by (C)

Owl moths of the Erebidae. I call these the cellophane comma moths. They all have the distinctive yin-yang marking.

Quick cheat sheet

Detailed cheat sheet

Photo credits: Cometaster pyrula: @wynand_uys @hrodulf @dhfischer | Spirama glaucescens: @moira_fitzpatrick | Calliodes pretiosissima: @dhfischer @karinmitton | Erebus walkeri: @rodswazi @martinmandak | Cyligramma fluctuosa: @bartwursten | Cyligramma magus: @henrydelange | Cyligramma latona: @annagood @muonmo

  • Apparently Cyligramma limacina does not occur in sA and obs on iNat are incorrectly ID'd and should be C. fluctuosa.
  • Cyligramma joa, a Madagascan species, may occur in sA. I have gone through all the Cyligramma obs on iNat and I don't see it there. C. joa on Afromoths -
  • Erebus atavistis occurs in Zim. No obs that I can find on iNat yet. E. atavistis on Afromoths -

    Cyligramma joa copyright A. Basquin on Afromoths

Erebus atavistis copyright TMSA on Afromoths

As always, Thank You very much to the photographers!

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Great stuff! Many thanks for putting this together and out there

Greetings Bart

Publicado por bartwursten hace 2 meses

Thanks, Bart :-)

I have updated the image to include Moira's Spirama. One may need to force-refresh the page to see the changes.

Publicado por karoopixie hace 2 meses

Thank you, Marion.

Publicado por wynand_uys hace 2 meses

Once again, very nice!

Publicado por dhfischer hace 2 meses

Thank you all :-) Hope it's useful.

Have added a quick cheat sheet at the top of the post coz I like to see them all at once (fits well on my laptop screen).

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Thank you very much.I notice the first three pictures of Cyligramma limacina on AfroMoths all come from KZN .Not sure how they did this as the distribution is much futher north, as you mentioned.

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