Aurivillius, Tagoropsis, Pselaphelia, Nudaurelia wahlbergii - moths I get confused by (D)

The yellow/brown emperors with stripes, scallops and the pinkish wavy wash along the trailing wing margin.

Photo credits: Tagoropsis flavinata @magdastlucia | Pselaphelia flavivitta @richard_johnstone | Aurivillius fuscus @dhfischer / @paolocandotti / @dhfischer | Nudaurelia wahlbergii @carasylvia / @evingrody / @lindaloffler

A lovely photo by @moira_fitzpatrick showing both colour forms of A. fuscus together:

From observation:

Thank you very much to the photographers!

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beautifully done! These compositions are excellent.

Publicado por dhfischer hace 2 meses

Thank you, @dhfischer , that is very kind of you :-)

Publicado por karoopixie hace 2 meses

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