October 20, 2022

Houghton Gardens

For this nature walk, I returned to Houghton Gardens. It was a very clear but cold day. As we get further and further into the fall season, the thick carpet of leaves on the ground made it a little difficult to find mosses and other low to the ground organisms. It amazes me how many new species I am able to find an observe in the same environment by simply changing what I am looking for. The most difficult part of this nature walk was finding a flowering plant that was in bloom. Many of the flowering plants I found either were in process of losing their flower or had already lost their flowers. However in the end I was able to find a plant that still had bright red fruit.

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October 05, 2022

Houghton Gardens

For this nature walk, I went to the Houghton Gardens. Despite the rainy and overall dreary weather, it was a very fun experience. Through the gardens, there were several trails which we followed, occasionally branching off to look for fungi. The most common place we found these fungi growing were at the base of trees and on decaying logs or piles of leaves. This walk was a very fun break from studying.

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September 29, 2022

Webster Conservation Area

For my first nature walk, I walked around the Webster Conservation Area. Despite being right next two a main arterial, it was really quiet and a very pleasant experience. The weather was sunny, however the sun did not penetrate the thick canopy made by the trees. Within the natural area, there was a variety of terrain. From rocky ledges and clefts to damp creek beds and rotting logs. This allows a variety of life to thrive, even in this relatively small natural area. One of my favorite observations was the variety in species of fungi that I saw.

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