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09 de septiembre de 2020

Complex Hyla versicolor Info

Discussions about Complex Hyla versicolor culled from various threads on iNat:

@ryanbaldwin1 the more recent (as of the past year) IDs and comments I've seen on iNat are saying that genetic studies are suggesting that Hyla versicolor and H. crydoscelis in the field are basically indistinguishable, save for different male mating calls. They have different numbers of chromosomes, perhaps due to polyploidy, but obviously that isn't a field characteristic. The two have been lumped into the complex, which provides an ID that is more granular than just genus level.

There was a great conversation on one of @ken-potter 's observations a while ago about the difficulty of distinguushing Cope's from eastern grey tree frog. @sandboa suggested that, unless there is good call data and historical confirmation, all of these should go into the new Hyla versicolor Eastern Tree Frog Complex.
These two species cannot be separated visually/physically. Lots of people have looked at lots of specimens over the years and no one was able to find a consistent series if visual characters to distinguish them.
Posted by sandboa about 1 year ago

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