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14 de mayo de 2022

About me

Hello everyone,
My name is Lucas, and I live in the Hunter Valley, NSW.
I am a birder of about 2 years, but hoping to observe lots of other animals!

In 2018 I found the iNaturalist app on my phone, but I didn't really take to it.
Now, in 2022 I went onto the iNat website and found the community side of things (not accessable on the app) and thought it was brilliant! Since then, I've been uploading some of my older more interesting observations, and filling out my profile. I am also studying a BSc at the University of Newcastle.

Although birds are my favourite class of animals, I have been enjoying herping recently (particularly frogs). I am still quite new to the frog and reptile world, so any corrections are appreciated!

This profile acts as a little personal record, and a way of interacting with fellow nature lovers! If anybody is interested, I have a little instagram page called the Kingdom of Animals, where I show some of my films to encourage others out into the natural world:

Looking forward to uploading lots more and helping contribue the little I know, thanks for reading!

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