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05 de octubre de 2022

Houghton Garden Nature Walk

I walked through Houghton Garden and it was 56 degrees and drizzling. On the walk I saw a large majority of fungi that had different morphological structures i.e. in shape and size but were usually located on the ground or growing on tree bark. The mushrooms on the ground were most likely decomposing items on the ground in order to gain energy, and nutrients so they can metabolize and maintain life.

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19 de octubre de 2022

3rd Nature Walk: Plants!!!!!!

It was a cool sweater weather day. The temperature was 55 degrees Fahrenheit the UV index was 1 with 10 MPH weed speed from the SW and 49% humidity. While walking through the Houghton Garden we found a lot of the bryophyta, polypodiopsida, gymnosperms but had trouble finding the angiosperms. This was probably due to the time of the season it was. Most of the angiosperms we did find were either dying or dead. When looking at the moss on the rocks you could see the difference in the gametophyte and the sporophyte by the long stoma coming out of the mosses. It was interesting to actually see the alteration of generations and think about it in a real context. I also enjoyed looking at the other plants and trying to decide if they were gametophytes or sporophytes.

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