02 de marzo de 2024

21 de marzo de 2023

Woodranch Canyon View Hike March 20, 2023

2 mile hike, counting all the flowering plants (and grasses and fungi!) I saw. Took photos of many, but skipped a lot that I saw last week. Total flowering species: 26

California Brittlebush
Fiddleneck (common)
Fiddleneck (large leaves)
Wind poppy
Nightshade sp
Stork's-Bill (redstem)
Stork's-Bill (musk?)
California everlasting (maple smell)
Lupin (arroyo)
Lupin (miniature)
Lupin (?medium leaves?)
Lupin (collared annual)
Owl clover
Popcorn flower
Wild cucumber
Mustard sp
Whispering bells
London rocket
Wishbone bush
Blue dicks
White horehound (just starting)
Bur clover
Morning glory
Strigose lotus

Oat sp
Barley sp (long awns)
Brome sp

Fieldcap mushroom
Shaggy mane

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