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10 de julio de 2021

Best bush ever

I've been to the city center today without any big iNatting plans and consequently only brought my point and click camera. What a mistake!

We had a walk along the Alster and set down on a bench for a break. In a nearby bush some movement caught my eye. I am a high volume IDer in the Coccinellini Tribe (not an expert by any means though) and yet have never seen a Harmonia axyridis larva with my own eyes, in spite of having IDed hundreds, if not thousands of them. And here it was. I was delighted and frustrated (because of not having any decent equipment with me) at the same time. Within a few minutes I found multiple H.axyridis larvas, pupas, and adults, a seven spotted, a lady beetle pupa of some other species and some other insects yet to be IDed.

At home one of the assumed H. axyridis adults on closer inspection turns out to be a likely Oenopia conglobata (yet to be confirmed, lifer for me). The aforementioned non-H. axyridis larva is likely to be of the same species. Unfortunately the photo of the probable Oenopia conglobata adult is pretty much rubbish. I just thought it was yet another H. axyridis adult and didn't try very hard to get a good shot with my crappy camera. Sigh ...

Anyhow, I'll never forget this bush and surely will re-visit it on all of my future walks along the Alster.

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