1000-species-challenge 2023

I was challenged by @ogeukord to participate in his challenge of finding 1000 species which are identified to species with RG-label. At first I said, oh no, I don't want to - especially since I would also have to care about plants - but, yes, of course I am looking at my numbers. So high time to make it official. ;-)
Especially since he has already reached his goal and is now aspiring for 1000 beasts.

I have so far reached 850 species, which means I still have to find more than one per day for the rest of the year.
In May I was in Germany for three weeks, which has boosted my list, but since I came back it has been extremely dry and hot. That means that some of the early summer (insect) species had already disappeared, but also I didn't find as much as usual since I didn't make 10 h/ 15 km hikes. What is nicely reflected in my list is the weekly trip to the beach with snorkelling.
Here is an overview:
Mammals: 9
Birds: 165
Reptiles: 10
Amphibians: 3
Actinopterygii: 32
Elasmobranchii: 1
Tunicata: 1

-> Chordata: 221

Mollusca: 32
Polychaeta: 2
Arachnida: 28
Crustacea: 14
Myriapoda: 1
Hymenoptera: 29
Diptera: 12
Hemiptera: 58
Lepidoptera: 150
Coleoptera: 96
Orthoptera: 7
Odonata: 20
other insects (Blattodea, Mantodea, Neuroptera, Archaeognatha): 9

-> insects: 381

Cnidaria: 7
Echinodermata: 3
Porifera: 1

-> animals total: 695

Fungi: 5
Plantae: 146
others (Bacteria, Chromista, Protozoa): 4
Here is the link to the RG species:

And if you want to help me reach my goal, here are the observations that still need ID:

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This is actually an impressive list of RG-species and interesting to have a comparison in Spain to "my" project. The snorkelling was very successfull. I love the high number of Actinopterygii but as well of the reptiles. No chance for me to reach those. I would have guessed there would have been more Odonata in the south, but comparing my 18 to your 20 species there is no significant difference.
Anyway my fingers are crossed for a lot of interesting species for you this year and I do what i can giving IDs to some of your observations.

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The lack of Odonata reflects this year's drought. All my normal dragonfly places did't bring any species. The ones I've found are more or less by chance - for example on the beach of Málaga (and a lifer!). Half of the 20 species are even from Germany. In 2022 I found 16 species in Antequera and in 2021 even 23. The little river is so overgrown that there is no free waterbody, other places have completely dried out. I was even at the Technical University in Málaga, where there is a large artificial lake on the campus - all dry.
Yesterday I found a Mutilidae, #861. Still a long way to go.

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