1000-species-challenge 2023 - update

So today, 4th October, I am at 890 species; there are 89 days left in the year and 110 species to find. I can only comment this with a German saying which is translated into something like this:" Tediously the squirrel gathers its food." (Mühsam ernährt sich das Eichhörnchen).
I have realised that the best option to find something new are moths, so I am doing nightly walks around town and look at lit facades. Here is last night's favourite: Cymbalophora pudica.
The squirrel survives and I hope I will also reach my goal.

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Pequeña Gitana (Cymbalophora pudica)




Octubre 3, 2023 a las 11:14 TARDE CEST


Are bacteria or moulds allowed?

Publicado por lionelm hace 7 meses

Allowed yes, if they make it to research grade - (as species, not "as good as it can be").
Maybe I should "forget" some food in the fridge....

Publicado por susanne-kasimir hace 7 meses

Would that run the risk of being "captive or cultivated"?

Publicado por lionelm hace 7 meses

I think I'll stick to moths... ;-)

Publicado por susanne-kasimir hace 6 meses

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