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12 de enero de 2024

Difference between Henosepilachna argus and H. angusticollis (Coccinellidae)

There is a lot of confusion about the status of those two beetles. Since I have now seen them both, I think I am able to separate them.
Henosepilachna angusticollis is the species I see here regularly - more or less daily and all year round.
Henosepilachna angusticollisEcballium elaterium
It lives (exclusively?) on squirting cucumber (Ecballium elaterium)
It has a pointed end and to me it seems it is paler and has slightly smaller spots than H. argus.

Henosepilachna argus lives on Bryonia sp, here on Bryonia cretica.
Henosepilachna argusBryonia cretica
It is more rounded, a bit redder and has slightly larger spots.


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17 de enero de 2024

Some Identification Help

Now that I've suddenly got this project about organisms about which I know ZERO, I thought it might be helpful to collect some literature about identifying mould.
Please add whatever you find in the comments.

Here are the first I found:
Guide to identify common cherry rot pathogens

Moho verde en cítricos (Green mold in citrus fruits, Penicillium digitatum; Spanish)

A Comprehensive Review of the Pear Fungal Diseases

Schimmelarten und Schimmelpilzgattungen an overview in German

If you really want to get into identification, cultivation, microscopy etc. check this out:
Moulds, their isolation, cultivation and identification

And there is a book in German and its English translation:
Liliane E. Petrini, Orlando Petrini: Schimmelpilze und deren Bestimmung ISBN 978-3-443-50039-9, € 44,80 Sample pages in German:
Liliane E. Petrini, Orlando Petrini: Identifying Moulds – A Practical Guide ISBN 978-3-443-50038-2, € 44.80

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