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15 de enero de 2018


I'm very sad and disturbed to report that I saw 46 dead animals on South Bay roadways today (2018-01-15). This is twice as many dead animals in one day as I observed in the whole of 2017.

42 (yes, forty-two!!) Pacific Newts
3 raccoons
1 striped skunk

The raccoons were killed on Highway 17 in Los Gatos. The skunk was on Hwy 237 in Sunnyvale.

The 42 newts were killed on Alma Bridge Rd. between the Limekiln and Priest Rock trailheads (~ half a mile). Many were bloody with guts oozing out, which was really quite traumatizing to see. I only photographed 2 of the 42 to post on iNat. I saw 11 dead newts on this same section of road back in November 2017 (that's 53 dead newts within a 3-month period, but more accurately during 2 visits to Sierra Azul) on a very short section of roadway (half a mile):

Here are my roadkill sightings for 2017:

Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District is working along with other authorities to create safe corridors for wildlife:

See Midpeninsula Regional Openspace District's website: "HIGHWAY 17 WILDLIFE PASSAGE" project to help protect animals from humans.

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22 de enero de 2018

Newt Migration at Lexington Reservoir - Roadkill Stats

I went back to Lexington Reservoir to do a more extensive count of newts killed along Alma Bridge Road from the St. Joseph Hill parking lot to Soda Springs Road (1.8 miles total).

I found a total of 457 newt carcasses on the road in various stages of decomposition. There weren't as many "fresh" carcasses as last week. This count may be inclusive of the 42 carcasses I recorded last week between Limekiln and Priest Rock trailheads (0.5 mile).

Since I don't know how long it takes a newt carcass to decompose, I don't know the timeframe for these deaths (a few weeks? a few months?), but I would guess they all happened this season.

Things I noticed:
• There were clusters of carcasses around drainages from the hillside.
• Most carcasses were found on the left side of the road (uphill side).
• Not surprisingly, there were also clusters of carcasses near the trailheads and parking lots, where the traffic is heaviest.
• There were many fewer carcasses after the Boat Club entrance (traveling south), when traffic thins out.

I have photos of these 457 newt carcasses if anyone needs them for proof. (I'll probably have newt zombie nightmares after seeing all these dead bodies.)

P.S. I didn't see a single live newt on my 4.5 hour hike this morning.

Best management practices for mitigating the effects of roads on amphibian and reptile populations:

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