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16 de junio de 2021

Wasps of Dough Flat

A couple weekends ago when we had a cool day I made my first trip up to the Dough Flat parking lot in the Sespe wilderness. I didn't see any condors, but spent a lot of time happily photographing all the insects on the flowers that morning. I sat for about a half hour each at two very active sites.

One was a cluster of buckwheat flowers that were heavily visited by some yellow-and-black wasps - looking at them, I thought Philanthus (beewolves), but I couldn't swear they weren't Bembicini (sand wasps). The flowers were also visited by a cuckoo wasp, the firsts I've seen visiting flowers (they get in the house occasionally in spring, but I've never seen one outside before).

Presently 2 others have identified the yellow-and-black wasp as Philanthus, and one identifier has suggested Hedychrum for the cuckoo wasp.

The taxon info for Hedychrum says that this genus is typically a brood parasite of Philanthinae. So that's cool!

The map put these two observations on opposite sides of the trail but it's GPS error, I didn't move between taking the two photos and they're of the same buckwheat shrub.

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