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10 de mayo de 2022

Greater v. Lesser Yellowlegs

Bill size and shape (the bill is thicker and slightly upturned on Greater) are definitely the easiest features. Greater is slightly stockier and shorter-winged, but that difference can be subtle and easily obscured in photos. The two differ in the extent of dark barring onto the flanks and lower chest in breeding plumage, but most birds photographed are well south of their breeding range and often still molting, which can make that less reliable.

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California v. Gambel's Quail

As far as visuals, if I've been told correctly, Gambel's quail have a more rusty brown color on the top of their heads, opposed to the California quail having a dark chocolate brown.
Range is good to look at when separating the two. Two parts I look at on the bird are the forehead and the belly. Gambel's has a black forehead and plain belly, California has more of a tan forehead with a scaled pattern on the belly

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13 de mayo de 2022


"Empids" as we like to call them are definitely one of the most challenging groups to ID and the reality is that some individuals are just not going to be identifiable, especially if they're not vocalizing. Of the four in your area, Cordilleran is the most distinctive - it's much more greenish/yellow overall with a large bill. Hammond's has longer wings than the others and Gray has no green/yellow on the head and back whereas Hammond's and Dusky typically do show some. Hope that is helpful!

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