Chuck Thomas

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My icon is a dwarf crested iris, which I find to have interesting structure and color. This one was flowering in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park several years ago.

I am a retired plant biologist in NE Ohio. I am most at home in the woods, and I find plant surveys to be a stimulating challenge. My treks are limited because of some age-related physical restrictions, but I enjoy a good slow paced exploration with lots of observations of native plants in natural environments. I enjoy learning and sharing observations with others.

My mounted specimens were obtained as a part of a survey of park resources, and they will be maintained by agreement in the Cleveland Museum of Natural History herbarium. I do not encourage the collection of any plants unless you have the approval of the landowner, and you should always excercise caution to not endanger the existence of the organism and its environment.

There are new things to see and learn everyday.

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