Astra Curador

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Astra was on hiatus from 13-2-22 until 17-5-23. He was not around to reply to messages, tags, etc. during that time.

Previous alias: trh_blue , Blue.

Please tag me if you need my attention for anything. I do check notifications now, but it is easy to slip between the cracks as I get dozens per day.


I identify primarily Euphorbia worldwide as well as doing coarse ID. I know subg. Chamaesyce and American species best. I have some knowledge of Middle Eastern species. Also trying to round out my general knowledge.


I am Queer and proud to say so. If you're in the LGBT+ community, we would love to have you join us in the LGBT+ Naturalists Project
I also support my BIPOC fellow-naturalists.


My name is Astra and my pronouns are he/him/it. I am transmasculine and on the alloace spectrum.

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