Alan R. Biggs

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Field Team Coordinator for the Hilton Head Plantation Christmas Bird Count. Former Board Member - Potomac Valley Audubon Society. Member and Former Board Member - Hilton Head Island Audubon Society. Member and eBird reporter - Hilton Head Island International Shorebird Survey (ISS) team.

Professor of Plant Pathology (Emeritus) from West Virginia University, currently living on Hilton Head Island, SC. My (former) areas of expertise include fungal plant pathogens, diseases of woody plants and tree fruits, plant wound response, and mushroom identification. I am an amateur birder and photographer and enjoy making all kinds of biological observations. I'm currently a contributing editor to Fungi Magazine and former Editor-in-Chief of the international research journal Plant Disease.

I started the project "Birds of Hilton Head Island, SC" - please join and add your HHI birding photos.

I started the project "Mushrooms of South Carolina" - please join and add your South Carolina mushrooms.

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