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My passion and keenness for wildlife and the natural world has led me to work with wildlife from the Adirondacks of New York, to the plains of Nebraska, to the boreal bogs of Alaska. I settled in Arizona after working on my bachelor’s and master’s in wildlife ecology (Iowa State University and University of Arizona),

I have become focused on the Odonata over the last decade. At present, I am working on a 2-volume set of photographic books on the damselflies of Arizona dedicated strictly to identification. Volume 1 (Dancers/Argia) is 99% done and Volume 2 (all other damselflies) is 50% complete.

Photos of Odonata posted on OdonataCentral at:

Birding throughout the US and world remains my primary passion which has led to another hobby of collecting bird books. My library contains over 2,500 books from around the world and in many languages. This collection has spurred me to create a website dedicated to showing samples of each book for anyone wanting to look inside before buying it unseen.

Bird book website Avian Review located at:
** Website hacked/deleted. Working with Google to hopefully restore as of 27 Nov 2023. Doesn't look good, though. **

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